Your Hosts

About your Hosts Peter and Edith Sidler

Over 38 years ago we moved from Switzerland to Canada, with a dream of finding a spot where we could build our own log cabin. We found that wonderful place in Atlin, BC.

Throughout the first years we built our cabin, explored the pristine wilderness, paddled the lakes, ate self-caught fish, picked berries and mushrooms, observed the animals and raised a family.

In 1991 we decided that Atlin was our dream home and that we needed a regular income. Since we love nature, like to explore the wilderness, enjoy fishing and paddling along untouched lakeshores we started ‘Sidka Tours’ (Sidka stands for Sidler Kanada). We began our business by renting out two cabins.

We soon expanded Sidka Tours/Glacier View Cabins and in 2004 we finished building a larger cabin. Sidka Tours/Glacier View Cabins also offers canoe and kayak rentals as well as guided tours. We have a very high standard of service. During our years of operation we have met a lot of great people, which return again and again as dear friends.

Peter was always busy guiding trips in the summer, and works as a contractor in spring and fall. Edith keeps the house and business running. By now our two kids are off to different places, and after all these years we still love the outdoors!